Do not despise the day of humble beginnings.

As a small indie studio, blandmanstudios has the freedom to experiment with the content we produce. Thus, our goal isn’t to grow rapidly by chasing acclaim, praise, and popularity. Instead our goals are:

  1. Create with artistic expression, honesty, and integrity at the center
  2. Provide utility, value, or help
  3. Have fun

We believe this philisophy will allow us to deliver authentic, meaningful content in a way that avoids the race toward burnout.


Play our games for free at https://blandmanstudios.itch.io


A wholesome and relaxing walking simulator video game that packs an emotional punch.

Sapling is free to download here.

Sapling title picture

Outta Control Dude

An infinite scroller developed for the world’s largest online game making competition. Outta Control Dude placed in the top 33% of more than 5,000 submissions to the GMTK 2020 Game Jam.

Outta Control Dude is free to download here.

Outta Control Dude title picture


On our YouTube channel we talk about technology, share game content, and produce short movies.

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